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The 5 Cs Authors Must Consider When Using LinkedIn

Recently, I conducted a webinar called LinkedIn for Authors specifically for authors to encourage and empower them to leverage LinkedIn as a tool for increasing their visibility credibility, and profitability.

During the webinar, I shared my MMD Framework for using LinkedIn which is the foundation for success on the platform. Before I share the framework with you, let me speak to the elephant in the room, because I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “Why would I use LinkedIn to promote myself as an author? Isn’t LinkedIn a site for job seekers only?” Well, the answer to that is yes and no.

LinkedIn launched in 2003 primarily to support professional and career development. The platform was created to connect job seekers to recruiters and vice versa. However, over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into a marketplace that enables businesses and those who run them to promote resources outside of employment. Entrepreneurs and sales professionals began leveraging the platform to grow their professional connections while attracting new clients which lead to revenue.

As an author, your book is your business, yet you may be missing from the LinkedIn platform because you may not truly understand the value that it possesses. With LinkedIn being the world’s largest professional network on the internet, you have the ability to attract opportunities all over the planet. But before you can begin to sell more books on the platform, consider these 5 Cs which will position you to generate revenue.


The true strength of LinkedIn as a platform is found in the member’s ability to promote their professional brand. Yet what will destroy your efforts faster than anything is a lack of clarity.

Your ability to share clearly who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, who you serve and what results you get for those you serve is critical to you landing a new client. Once you can answer those 5 key questions effectively, you will separate yourself from every other author who is in the marketplace.


Oxford Dictionary defines confidence as “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; having firm trust.” In this case, having confidence is having belief in yourself. Belief in your abilities as an author and as an “authorpreneur” is truly important. When you value your talents, others will value them too. Confidence is contagious and this valuable attribute will undoubtably enhance your ability to attract people.


Your ability to communicate on and offline will determine how serious you will be taken. You may see the ability to communicate as only being able to speak. But communication requires that you listen and watch.

I tell my clients often to “listen with their eyes” when they are using LinkedIn. Immediately, you may question this, but take a moment to step back and think. What are people truly saying when they post on LinkedIn? What is their real message?

This is what it means by listening with your eyes. As you read the messages that people post on LinkedIn, you’ll know how best to engage your connections and followers.


Before you focus on selling books, place your energy in building quality professional relationships. These connections will lead to opportunities to promote your brand and the books that are attached to you.

One of the attendees of the LinkedIn for Authors webinar shared with me that just a few days after attending the webinar, she applied some of the tips she learned and was able to attract a LinkedIn connection that led to her being booked for a podcast interview.

Note, she had only been on the platform for about a month and wasn’t truly active until she attended the webinar. While her activity on LinkedIn didn’t lead to an immediate sale, it did enhance her visibility and credibility which is a prerequisite for profitability.

Every connection you make opens the door for new opportunities and resources.

Cash Flow

You became an author to make an impact and tell your story. But let’s be honest, you want to make money too, right? Well making money is simple. It is a matter of having a product or service to offer to a consumer. Notice I said making money is simple, not easy.

Once you tap in and strengthen the other 4 C’s, creating cash flow will be a breeze. The key is making sure that people know that you are an author and can see the books you have published, while also providing a place where people can purchase your book(s) when they are ready.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind, if no one knows you exist, they cannot pay you or help you to get paid. Leveraging LinkedIn is a smart move because the culture of the platform is already set for business conversations.

Do you have the clarity, confidence, communication skills and connections that will lead you to cash flow? Are you willing to work on the most important product outside of your book—yourself? Doing so will be the most profitable move you make. Once you become an asset on LinkedIn, you can take it to the bank that your connections will promote you to their network, and you won’t have any challenges with creating cash flow.

-- Rob "YB" Youngblood, President of Sales

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