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Market Leader

The Market Leader Package is an interview-based book writing and publishing service (similar to ghostwriting).

It’s designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, and executives who want to write and publish a professional book in their words and in their voice—but don’t have the time or desire to type it themselves.


for 10 months, $45,000 Total

What's included in Market Leader?

Our Market Leader Package includes everything you need to validate and develop your book idea, then write and edit it, design and publish it, and get it out to the world.


  • Your idea will be validated (or not) before we begin work

  • We will help structure and position it into the best possible book

  • Comprehensive interviews to get your ideas out of your head and into a book that’s in your words and your voice


  • A beautifully designed cover and interior layout

  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, description, etc.)

  • Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included

  • You retain all rights and ownership of the book


  • Full printing services, with the ability to order unlimited copies at production cost (with an initial 100-copy gift from us)

  • Full distribution through major online retailers (Amazon,, iBooks)

  • You keep 100% of royalties


  • First week promotion to become an Amazon Best Seller

  • Complete strategy and templates to secure early Amazon reviews

  • A full set of social media posts and graphics for launch week

  • A scheduled podcast interview on you and your book

  • A published excerpt from your book released during launch week

  • Strategy and templates for you to leverage your network Consultation with our Author Marketing team to develop a custom plan for your launch and beyond

  • Access to our Book Marketing Course


Our Book Production Manager will get on the phone with you to review a custom plan for your book and review your marketing options. To further assist you with strategy, we’ll also provide you with free access to courses, as well as a group monthly Marketing Mastermind where you can ask any questions you have.

Ready to Get Started with Market Leader?


for 10 months, $56,000 Total

If you’re serious about writing and publishing your book this year, let’s talk.

We’ll discuss your book idea, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.


Uncertain? Our book concierges can help you determine which plan is right for you.

Publishing Only

You contribute all the writing, and we do the proofing and publishing.  


for 5 months

$20,000 total

Executive Ghostwriting

You get a tailored process to fit your needs.


Custom Investment Plan

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