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How Authors Can Leverage LinkedIn To Become Thought Leaders

One of the most powerful ways to attract opportunities, both online and offline, is to become a thought leader. Forbes describes a thought leader as an individual recognized as an authority in a specific field.

As an author, you have invested time to place your thoughts on paper so that your words will have impact and influence upon the reader. Yet, there is an entire network of people who likely do not know that you exist. Therefore, they will not be able to benefit from the insight, solution, or wisdom your writing has to offer.

Leveraging LinkedIn as an author to become a thought leader is a power move that many do not tap into. Most people still see LinkedIn as only a platform for obtaining employment, however, it has evolved into a marketplace where people see ideas, information, and resources that will make their lives easier. By becoming active on the LinkedIn platform, you place yourself in a position to be found by people who value what you have to say and therefore increase your visibility, credibility and profitability.

Below are a couple of ways you can leverage LinkedIn to become a thought leader as an author.

Magnetize Your LinkedIn Profile

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Does it reflect the brand of someone who is striving to impact the world through your writing, or are you positioning yourself for your next employment opportunity?

There is nothing wrong with leveraging LinkedIn for your next career move, however, if your objective is to empower the masses with your literary masterpiece, then you must makeover your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.

Consider these six keys:

● Make sure you have a professional headshot that will be found on the back of your bestselling book(s).

● Provide a heading that promotes the value you bring to the marketplace as an author.

● Craft an about/summary section that encourages the reader to get to know you personally and offers answers to the Five Critical Questions every LinkedIn profile must answer.

● List your book(s) as a part of your experience and highlight the impact and results the reader will obtain from reading your book(s).

● List your book as a publication on your profile so that it stands out among your accomplishments.

● Seek LinkedIn recommendations from your readers so as to add to your credibility.

Convert Your Blogs into LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn has a powerful feature that allows users to enhance their thought leadership through articles. Similar to a blog post, you can craft messages which can influence readers on the LinkedIn platform.

In 2015, I curated Dr. Myles Munroe’s blog post entitled, “Your Gift Will Make Room for You” as a LinkedIn article. Dr. Munroe, a Bahamian evangelist, ordained minister, and author of fifty-one books, was a man of faith. The blog highlighted a powerful verse found in the Bible which shares that God has put a gift or talent in every person that the world will make room for. He explained that this gift will enable you to fulfill your vision and make a way for you in life.

I could not imagine the reception that this one LinkedIn article would receive. As of the writing of this blog, the LinkedIn article featuring Dr. Myles Munroe has received nearly 140,000 views, over 900 reactions, 140 comments and over 100 shares, which means that other people outside of my network were able to be impacted by Dr. Munroe’s insight. This is what I call thought leadership!

What about you? What can you share with your LinkedIn network that will make a profound impact upon them?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

● Share the first chapter from your book(s).

● Leverage your most popular blog from your website and turn it into a LinkedIn article.

● Create a video of you reading from your book and attach it to the LinkedIn article.

These are just a few things that can be shared via LinkedIn to help you become a thought leader. Feel free to share what you’re doing with LinkedIn Articles.

-- Rob "YB" Youngblood, President of Sales

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