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How to Write a Book in 30 Days

Let’s consider this plan is based on an 18,000-word book that will convert to approximately 90 pages in a book; you would only need to write 850 words a day for 21 days! This plan equivalates to only six chapters. If you have more chapters than that, just continue with the same concept, and it won’t take much longer! You can also skip the breaks — and write an additional chapter.

30 Day Writing Plan

Prep Work

Day 1–2: List ideas, research

Day 3–4: Mind map

Day 5–7: Finalize ideas & complete outline

Now you are ready to get started writing! Are you ready? Do not overthink it! Just write.

Week 1

Day 1–3: Write a solid introduction

All the introduction needs to include is a snippet of what the book consists of.

Day 4–6: Write chapter one

Day 7: Reread the introduction

Just reread it. Do not go back and edit. Just read. It will keep the concept fresh on your mind before starting week 2!

Week 2

Day 1–3: Write chapter two

Day 4–6: Write chapter three

Day 7: Take a break!

Week 3

Day 1–2: Write chapter four

Day 3–4: Write chapter five

Day 5–6: Write chapter six

Day 7: Take a break!

You are almost there… Keep going!

Week 4

Day 1–2: Write a conclusion

Day 3–7: Read through the entire manuscript as a reader. Take notes while you are reading, then go back and make changes to the final rough draft.

Now that you have this 30 Day Writing Plan get to writing! It’s time to stop waiting and start creating.

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