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Authentic leadership is always striving to leave a tangible mark in the world. Those tangible marks are preceded by moments of scholarship where leaders strive to learn and improve their practice.


The Footprint of Success: Stories of Impact from Leaders and Entrepreneurs gives tangible steps and transferable skills that each leader and entrepreneur endured. Each chapter is filled with nuggets of knowledge that they encountered on their journey toward success.


Leaders impact the world and leave a footprint that is lasting for generations to come. If the focus of leadership is on things other than profits and managerial decisions, and more towards what lasts beyond influence, they can instigate a remarkable legacy beyond themselves and leave a model for others to follow.


The pages of this book will propel you to grow into the leader you dream of becoming. More than a name on the desk or a title on a business card, you will learn to leave a lasting leadership footprint creating a clear and didactic path for others to follow, encouraging you and others to blaze new trails.

The Footprint of Success

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