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About the Book

#RESPECT was created after an incident occurred at school. Laiklyn realized that she didn’t comprehend what respect really meant because she felt her actions were justified. After explaining the situation to her mom, she knew she had a lot to learn. 


Instead of being punished, her mom created a teachable moment. She instructed Laiklyn to research everything she could about respect. Laiklyn now lives by the lessons that she discovered and is inspired to share with others.


The younger generation and even some older people have been misinformed or don’t understand what respect is. As her dad always says, “If it’s not the truth, it’s time to debunk the idea of what others may believe.” Laiklyn is on a mission to help others of all ages to treat

everyone with #RESPECT.


No one should have to earn respect, it should be given freely because it costs absolutely nothing to be kind and compassionate toward others.


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