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Market Leader Mastery is for current entrepreneurs and emerging Market Leaders. It provides the framework Darren M. Palmer used to develop the #1 Self-Publishing Company, Self Publish -N- 30 Days. 


If you want to learn new marketing approaches, make necessary pivots and gain insight that will catapult your business, this book is for you. It expounds on the B2 Method and what you need to fuel growth to enhance your cutting-edge business.


Not only will you learn the difference between a generalist and a specialist, but Darren also provides the framework to create a podcast and shares how to leverage your book to focus on one distinct job for a defined industry and market. If you want to be a Market Leader, you have to hone in on your craft, invest in yourself and avoid trying to do everything. 


Darren gives tangible steps you need to take to Dominate in Your Industry and discover how to operate and excel as a Market Leader. It includes how to obtain ideal clients, manage your time and energy and master the mundane. Put the ideas of Market Leader Mastery to work for you today.

Market Leader Mastery

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