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About the Book
Being an entrepreneur is not always all fun and games. Neither is being the wife of one. With all the ups and downs of marriage, four kids, starting up a new business and working with your spouse, life takes some pretty interesting twists and turns.


Diary of an Entrepreneur’s Wife shares a personal, behind-the-scenes look of Stephanie’s journey to embrace the challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur’s wife and business partner while maintaining the roles of wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. She takes a deeper road into her journey and is real in the telling of it. It is her hope that the challenges she has overcome along the way, along with the helpful times she shares, will inspire and encourage others to be their best and to embrace the current season they are in.


This book will encourage women who desire to grow with their spouses and to help fulfill their purpose as their husband’s equal. It expresses the importance of self-love and staying true to yourself while being your husband’s helpmate. When a woman supports her husband in God’s dream for his life, God undoubtedly fulfills the desires and dreams of her life.

Diary of an Entrepreneur's Wife

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