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Now that you are an author, have you ever considered what it may be like to become an Amazon Bestselling author? Well, I've got news for you… it’s possible! It’s time to crack the code! 


The Amazon Bestselling Authors: How to Crack the Code Course will give you insight and knowledge from bestselling authors and marketing experts to get your book recognized. 


The Amazon bestseller list is an algorithm. It’s a computer taking a data set and turning that into a ranking. Which means, by default, it’s not a measure of you or your book’s intrinsic quality or worth. Rather, it’s a measure of cracking the code. It’s all about the numbers! 


In this course you will learn strategies of how to: 


  • Choose your book category 
  • Aim for high sales on your book release date 
  • Get raving reviews 
  • Be positioned to profit 


Are you ready to Crack the Code so you can become the next Amazon Bestselling Author?

Amazon Bestselling Authors: How to Crack the Code

$997.00 Regular Price
$697.00Sale Price

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